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Masonic Eduation

The first thing to remember in searching for Masonic Education is: it is a never ending journey.
There is no one all encompassing book, journal, website or person that knows everything about Masonry. Every item is open to your own interpretation.

You would be well advised to not accept everything you find on line through web search engines as fact. Many of these sites are not based on the ritual as practiced in regular and well governed Blue Lodges.
That being said you should know that Masonic education is really the educating of the Mason. Masonry consists of many moral sets of allegorical figures and stories that reveal how to better yourself as a man and to allow you to improve your community through your actions.

Don't be afraid to stop elder members of the fraternity and ask questions. Remember that just because a Brother has been a Mason for a number of years he isn't the only source of information or a final authority. Given the ability to think for yourself you must use that faculty to its fullest.

Provided below are some sources that can assist you in furthering your pursuit of Light:

This was not intended to be an all inclusive list.
Please check with your local Lodge to see if they have a Mentorship Program and ask those Mentor's for help in your pursuit of Light.

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